When Your Fence Falls Down

Damage to a residential privacy fence can be very stressful, especially when pets are in the backyard. Strong winds and storms can be devastating. Getting the fence back up as soon as possible not only for privacy but security as well. Here are a few suggestions if the fence falls down during a storm.

Suggestions When Your Fence Falls Down

  1. Safety is a key issue – before going outside to inspect the damage, make sure the area is safe. If any powerlines are down. Stay away and call the electric company immediately! The other areas to check are the pool (may have fence debris floating in it), outdoor patios and play equipment in the yard.  Also check the rest of the fence that may still be standing or leaning as well as any fence pickets missing.
Fence Falls Down - Wind and Storm Damage

2. Why did the fence fall down in the first place? Did the windstorm knock it down or is it an old fence? Some of the causes of the fence falling could be:

  • Wind and storm damage
  • Broken trees or tree limbs falling
  • Rotting wood posts
  • Shifting soil
  • Poor installation

3. Who owns the fence? Is the fence between your house and the neighbors home or does it belong to you? Getting with the neighbor or neighbors as soon as possible helps get the repairs or replacement done quicker.

4. Some fence repair or replacement costs may be available under the homeowner’s insurance policy. Check with your insurance agent to get clarification on what is covered and what is not. If it is covered under the homeowner’s insurance policy, they may require three or four quotes before settling the claim.

5. Repairing or replacing a wood fence is not always a DIY project. This can be a dangerous undertaking if the homeowner is not well educated on the repair. Find a reputable fence company in your are to evaluate the health of the fence as well as the structure of the fence.

What to 👀 for with a Local Fence Company
When Your Fence Falls Down

Once a local fence company is found in your local area, make sure to look at all their reviews, before and after pictures and get the repair costs in writing. Ask several questions to understand exactly what the quote covers. Don’t just “assume” it will be fixed. The items for repair or fence replacement should be documented in the written quote.

At Fence Makeovers in Richardson, TX our estimators will give the homeowner the time and knowledge on whether the fence needs to be replaced or repaired.  “Don’t pay more … Just Restore”

We always offer a Free Estimate to go over all the options that are available on your project. Feel free to call us at 972-769-2555 to get on our schedule or you can fill out our Free Estimate Form and a friendly office personnel will call you back to set the appointment when it is convenient for you!

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