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Serving Homeowners in Allen Since 2003

Serving the families of Allen for more than 20 years with fence restoration, repair, maintenance, and installation, Fence Makeovers takes great pleasure in its work. In addition to full-service wood fence repair, our Allen Fence Company also offers cleaning, staining, and sealing services that are all intended to maintain your fence in top shape.

Regular professional inspections every two to three years are crucial because neglecting your fence can result in large long-term costs. We offer fence materials and custom stains for your consideration at our Plano showroom, which is accessible to both the general public and fence builders.

At Allen Fence Company, we value professionalism above all else and customize every project to the needs of the homeowner. Our goal is to provide exceptional workmanship at a reasonable cost. For your piece of mind, rest assured that we are bonded and insured.

Fence Makeovers - BBB Accredited A+ rating

An A+ BBB rating since 2004 with an excellent standing and No complaints with Our Allen Fence Company!

Our team of estimators will be happy to come to your home in Allen and walk the property with you. Here is where the estimators will ask several questions to understand exactly what kind of service your fence needs.

The estimates always Free, they are written and  good for 30 days. When the fence project is ready to be crossed off the list, our team of professionals will be ready to get it done!

Sec. 7.07. – Fences and walls.

In any residential district or along the common boundary between any residential or nonresidential district where a wall separation is erected, or where a screening wall or fence is required as provided herein, the following standards shall be observed:

  1. Height of fence or wall.

a. Any living plant screen erected or placed in the front yard shall not exceed four feet in height above the adjacent grade. No fences, walls, structures or buildings shall be allowed in the front yard except fences or walls less than 36 inches in height as part of an unenclosed front porch or uncovered patio and in accordance with section 4.15.1.

b. Any fence, wall, or living plant screen erected or placed behind the minimum required front yard line may be erected or maintained to a maximum height of eight feet above the adjacent grade.

c. No fence, screen, wall or other visual barrier shall be placed in such a manner as to obstruct the vision of motor vehicle drivers approaching any street intersection. At all intersections, clear vision shall be maintained across the corner for a distance of 45 feet back from a projected curbline corner along both intersecting streets. (See Figure 1.)

d. No fence, screen, wall or other visual barrier shall be placed in such a manner as to obstruct the vision of motor vehicle drivers approaching any alley intersection. At all intersections of an alley with a street, clear vision shall be maintained across the corner for a distance of 20 feet back from a projected curbline corner along the intersection of the alley and street.

e. A sight distance of 200 feet shall be maintained at all street intersections.

f. When fences are required by this Code, an approved eight-foot masonry wall, or alternative design approved by the commission, shall be required. Masonry fences shall meet the design details described in City of Allen, TX Appendix F as well as the following:

i. Masonry screening walls may be constructed of clay-fired brick or stone masonry units;
ii. Where screening walls are used to separate land uses or developments and do not front on a public street, pre-cast concrete panels may be used in lieu of clay-fired brick or stone masonry provided they are textured and colored to have the appearance of stone or clay-fired bricks; Garbage, trash or refuse container screening shall compliment the primary building materials and may utilize split faced concrete masonry units.

b. No living plant walls shall be allowed in city right-of-way.

c. Subdivision or development entry fences shall be located within a dedicated easement of not less than five feet in width at a location approved by the city. No structure shall be permitted which obstructs visibility within the public rights-of-way.

Learn More on the City of Allen Website

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Fantastic work. They water PSI’d cleaned, primed, and painted my fence. I did not have to be at home. Furthermore, the crew put in a new mailbox which included painting the 4 x 4 post. 5 Big Stars

Bob C. ~ Google

From their first visit to finish, the Makeover team worked hard and non stop in nearly 100 degree temps to repair the damages and make the rest of our fence look like new.

Richard Z. ~ Google

They worked with our schedule even with all the rain. We saved a ton of money on just restoring our fence and having it re-stained. Quick and easy process.

Susan S. ~ Google

2 Types of Wood Fences from our Allen Fence Company

Cedar Fences

A cedar fence is the best option when repairing or replacing the fence.  Our premium cedar fence options offers the style, strength, durability, and the best value.

Most would assume that a cedar fence would be costly and outside their budget yet when our estimators walk through the property they soon find out it is more economical to install a cedar fence. Value, quality and durability is the best option for fences.

Addison Fence Company

Pressure Treated Pine Fences

Pressure-treated pine is a more budget friendly option yet for long term is highly not recommended! The pine wood tends to warp more quickly, rot faster and doesn’t stain as well as cedar wood. Most builders install pine fences because it is cheaper for them.

Maintenance is much higher for a pine fence. At Fence Makeovers we do not recommend a pine fence.

Price wise cedar is not much more than pine so for longevity and less maintenance our recommendation is cedar wood fence. Fence Makeovers has the ability to install a pine fence on your property just ask our estimators.

New Fence Installation

Fence Post Options

Metal Posts

Metal fence posts are the stronger, longer lasting, and less burdensome option we offer for fence installation. The beauty of a metal fence post is that under normal circumstances they will last for 25+ years.

While they have a little more upfront cost, their durability and strength will pay for themselves very quickly.

Fence Makeovers - Metal Fence Posts Installed

Wood Posts

Wood posts offer a consistent appearance for your fence a installation project. Because they are wood, that makes the posts more susceptible to rotting, graying like the fence as well as warping.

Replacement costs will happen more frequently than the metal posts.

Fix your fence

Fence Construction Methods

Tall Privacy Fences

If privacy or security is your highest concern for a fence, there are several options to choose from. With a cedar fence, options are:

  • Board on board
  • Horizontal fence
  • Single panel
  • Adding Trim to top of fence
  • Decorative Caps on top of the fence

Depending on the HOA and city ordinances, height will play a factor in the fence style. Let Fence Makeovers help choose the right height and style of fence for your backyard enjoyment.  Our team of estimators knows what cities will allow and what they won’t. We will also file for the permit if needed!

Fence Makeovers - Tall Privacy Fences Installed & Repaired

Horizontal Fence

Horizontal fences are becoming a popular choice for homes in the Allen area. With a unique curb appeal, this stylish fence solution helps your backyard to feel more open and spacious than a standard vertical fence.

Our estimator can help you understand the differences in vertical vs horizontal fences, and even provide rendering options of these different fences so you can decide on the best option for your home and neighborhood.

With a written rendering as well as picture of the fence style vertical or horizontal all you have to do is submit to your HOA for approval.

Fence Makeovers - Horizontal Fences Installed & Repaired

Traditional Vertical Fence

The traditional vertical fence design is the most common style of fence which most neighborhoods have when the home was built by the builder. Many HOAs require a certain type of fence determined in the bylaws.

Having a traditional style is more affordable and highly customizable for a beautiful yet durable fence solution.

This option is perfect for those who are on a limited budget or may just be looking to have a new fence installed.  Many landlords recommend this type of fence to help maintain their rental properties.

Fence Makeovers - Traditional Vertical Fences Installed & Repaired

How Much Does A Fence Repair Cost?

Fences provide privacy and security for your home. But when they become damaged, repairing or replacing a fence can be a costly endeavor. Depending on the type of fence you have, the cost to repair or replace it can vary significantly. It is important to understand the costs associated with repairing or replacing your fence so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for your situation. Our estimators have over 10 years experience and have probably seen it all!

We offer Free Estimates or second opinions for all woo fence applications. Sign up here for a Free Fence Estimate!

Fence Repair

Understanding the cost to repair a gate, cedar, or pine fence and what factors may influence those costs. The cost to repair a fence depends on the type of material used, the size of the job, and other factors.

Our Allen Fence Company will give the homeowner a written estimate that is good for 30 days from the date of the initial appointment.  We now live in an ever moving price range and it depends on the availability of having the fence posts, fence pickets and other materials used in stock.

There are so many options available however, an average cost of repairing a wood gate runs between $450 – $1000.

Fence Add-On Options

We offer several add-on options to further enhance the beauty of a new fence installation or upgrade the existing fence for your home in Allen.


The trim on the fence will cover the tops of the dog eared pickets with a piece of trim on each side or one side of the fence.

Fence Trim Add-on Installed & Repaired


A cap board top is often a 2×4 rail that sits on top of the fence, flattening the fence’s upper profile into a straight line.

Fence Repairs Cost


A kickboard is a piece of wood that’s placed on the bottom of a fence and is just above the ground.

Fence Kickboard Add-on Installed & Repaired

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Allen Fence Repair, Installation, and Staining Solutions

Fence Repair & Maintenance

Many factors contribute to the longevity of the fence on your property. That includes regular maintenance and cleaning, the quality of the wood and posts, and the weather conditions the materials are exposed to.

Since 2003, we have seen fences in all conditions across Allen so when you call our experts, we have the experience to know how to repair and restore your fence to make it more beautiful.

“Don’t Pay More Just Restore”

is our slogan! Let Fence Makeovers help restore your fence today!

Needed Fence Repair Signs:

  • Leaning post or fence sections
  • Broken post at or below ground level
  • Panels that have become detached from the post
  • Posts, pickets or nails that are deteriorated

  • Fence Gates that don’t close properly

Fence Installation Services

Trust the expert team at Fence Makeovers to help you with your home’s fence installation needs. Our Allen Fence Company has helped homeowners all across area to build beautiful, custom fences that last for years to come.

Each fence is custom-built to your specifications and can provide you with computer-generated renderings of your new fence for submission to HOA boards, showing family members, visualizing colors, and understanding just how great your fence is going to look! We can also help you with custom walk-thru gate solutions.

Fence Staining & Sealing

The basic, vertical fence design is what a lot of homeowners opt for and many HOAs require. This traditional style is more affordable and highly customizable for a beautiful and durable fence solution.

This option is perfect for those just looking to have a new fence installed and landlords looking to maintain a fence solution for their rental properties.

Not quite sure about colors? Come visit our showroom in Richardson to see the colors in person and learn more about our superior fence staining products.

New fence outside view

Fence Makovers Fence Oil Stain Color Options

New Fence stained walnut

Fence Makeovers Fence Solid Latex Stain Color Options

Sable Solid Latex Stain


Walnut Solid Latex Stain


Custom Fence Stain Colors

Custom fence stain colors are available in both the latex stain and solid oil stain for an additional cost

Cordovan Brown SC-104

*Cordovan Brown

Padre Brown SC-105

*Padre Brown

Wood Chip SC-111

*Wood Chip

Russet SC-117


Pewter SC-131


*Due to differences in screen resolutions as well as printer inks, Please DO NOT rely on these sample colors for color matching

Come see for yourself!

Fence Makeovers Showroom

Our Fence Makeovers Showroom in Plano, Texas offers several products on display as well as for purchase. Now may be the perfect time to consider stopping by our fence makeovers showroom and speak with one of our specialists to answer any questions you might have.  If your looking for the best solid stain products or the best oil stain products for your pine wood fence or cedar fence we have them in our showroom.

Take Highway 75 North to the Plano Parkway exit. Go East onto Plano Parkway for approximately 1/4 mile and we are located on the north side of Plano Parkway just before F Ave / Executive Avenue.

Take Highway 75 South to the Plano Parkway exit. Go east on Plano Parkway approximately 1/4 mile. Fence Makeovers is located on the north side of the street just before F Ave / Executive Avenue.