Fence Repair in Frisco TX

5 Reasons Why A Homeowner Should Choose Fence Makeovers for Fence Repair in Frisco, TX

Fence Makeovers does Not hire sub-contractors.

The reason the company does not hire sub-contractors is because the owner wants all employees to be accountable for all work performed. When a sub-contractor is involved they may or may not show up for the job. They may or may not complete the job in a timely manner. They may not perform the fence repair, cleaning or staining to the owners specifications. One of our goals is to exceed the expectations of our homeowners!

A local fence showroom is easily found in Richardson TX. 

When a homeowners fence gets repaired, or has been cleaned and stained, if there was a problem would it be comforting to know the homeowner has a place of business to walk into and get the problem rectified? We believe this to be true. Some companies work out of the back of there truck and when the job is finished and they receive payment, that company may never be found again, unless a storm came through.

Experienced estimators.

The estimators at Fence Makeovers have over 10+ years of experience. What does that mean for the homeowner? Well it will lend itself to be able to answer all questions the homeowner has regarding, the fence, the gate, the arbor or other wood outdoor surfaces to be cleaned and stained. The estimators offer a written estimate on site to help you through the decision making process. Each estimator has experienced many different problems with repairing a fence as well as installing a new affordable fence from scratch. The estimators understand permits and what HOA’s requires to repair fences or cleaning and staining a fence.

The showroom office will call for appointments and reminders. 

Isn’t it nice to know when the crew will be at your home to repair the fence? Communication is extremely important to the owner so the homeowner can plan for the crews arrival. It’s better to be prepared than to have someone show up unannounced. Even when the estimators or crew are running a little behind, the office always does a follow up call to inform the homeowner of the situation.

A two warranty is standard.

When a fence has been stained or restained with Fence Makeovers custom stains there is always a two year warranty on the stain. Metal poles cemented in the ground have a one year warranty on the concrete. If ever there is a problem Fence Makeovers comes back out to the residence at no charge to assess the situation. Most fence companies and contractors will charge for the return visit to the home.

Fence Repair in Frisco TX – Homeowners Be Aware!

This is an area where homeowners could get in a mess by not asking one of the Most important question.

A question that should be asked but is not: “Is the Fence Company boned and insured?” In the DFW area the majority of fence companies are not. Fence Makeovers is and always will be with a $1,000,000 General Liability Insurance policy. This is to ensure our clients home and property will be well taken care of incase of an accident that happens on the property. Most fence companies do Not carry this type of general liability insurance.

As a homeowner searching for fence repair in Frisco TX, Fence Makeovers truly has the expertise and knowledge to do the job right the first time!

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Fence Makeovers Fence Repair in Frisco TX Reviews
Fence Makeovers Fence Repair in Frisco TX Reviews

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