Fence Repair in the Rain

Fence Repair in the Rain

The state of Texas has had more rain than rainy states it feels like. In North Dallas and Richardson, the weather will hindering any type of fence repair in the rain. Cleaning and staining fences in the rain just can not be done. Our crews are just as frustrated as our customers! Mother Natural Please give us a break!

For the last several week’s mother nature has placed many challenges on the Fence Industry as a whole.

With it raining practically every day our fence industry has to be creative in getting the job done. Sometimes working on Saturday and Sunday if it’s not raining. When it rains our crews are not able to clean nor stain any fences. Repairs are limited as well. The ability to get some repairs in before it rains helps.

Afterhours feel free to send in a Request for Free Estimate Form here.

Check out our before and after gallery of previous fence makeovers, restorations as well as new fence installations.

Fence Repair In The Rain, the wind, and flooding are the nemeses of our fence company

We would like to Thank our Customers for being extremely understanding throughout this process. After 20+ years in the industry, this year (2022) has been the biggest challenge in getting all the jobs done without the rain. Even the pandemic didn’t delay us as much as the rain has.  We are hoping it will be summer soon and blistering hot 100 degree days. This should help dry everything out!

Not only is it raining cats and dogs …. the lumber prices continue to rise. The Local Fence Companies are scrambling to not only find the wood but to have enough to do a fence repair job!

Again Thank You for your patience as we are trying very hard to accommodate every customer in getting their fence cleaned, stained, and/or repaired.

Here’s what We Can do – Our estimators will still come to your home for Free Estimates Monday-Friday. Let’s get you scheduled, call now get on the schedule early rather than wait for the rain to stop.

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