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Is It Time To Restain Your Fence?

Peeling Latex Stain – check out the pictures. You will see how bad this latex stain is looking on the fence. This particular fence has been neglected and most likely the latex stain was not applied properly.

In the pictures you can see smooth wood and rough wood. When the latex stain was applied,  the proper process may not have been followed. The proper process will help the latex stain last for a long time. This fence also is weathering the elements of full sun, wind and rain. Regular maintenance of a wood fence is critical if you want it to last a long time.

When using a latex stain on the fence, the wood must be cleaned first with a solution of bleach and water. This helps prepare the wood for the latex stain to adhere to. It is no different than prepare a wall in your home that is going to receive a new coat of paint.

In this example the fence will need to be restained as the wood is still in good condition. Nothing is rotting or leaning over.

Old Peeling Latex Stain – How Do You Remove It?

The answer very carefully! A wire brush will need to be used to remove as much of the peeling old latex stain off the wood. Yes, the wire brush may do some damage to the wood, however it is the only way to remove the peeling latex stain. It reminds me of a cat scratching the scratch pads and leaving claw marks. Squirrels leave claw marks as well! A lot of manpower will be used to wire brush the fence which in turn adds cost, time and labor to the end result.

After it has been wire brushed and as clean as it can be. It is now time for step 2 of the process of cleaning the fence with a proper solution of bleach and water. Do Not Use a power washer as this will add even more damage to the fence. Our recommendation is using a 40-60 psi to clean the fence.

Step 3 is to wait for the fence to completely dry before the new latex stain is applied. Once the wood is dry, the first layer of latex paint may be applied. (The drying process may take a few hours depending on the humidity in the air.) Sometimes a second coat will cover up any imperfections left on the fence from the wire brush, hail or damage.

The best thing about latex stain is if any damage has occurred on the fence, the latex stain covers it all. The fence will look like new again.

When you’re looking for a professional to help give you options on repairing or replacing your fence, Give us a call today!

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