Hail damage to wood fence
Hail damage to wood fence 2

It’s that time of year in North Texas with severe weather and high wind storms. Hail is at the top of the list. This is a very dangerous situation when hail comes flying through the air and lands. Some are small pea sized and some are as large as a grapefruit or softball. In 2016 Wylie, Texas had not one but two damaging hail storms. Grapefruit sized hail in masses blew through roofs, winds, siding, cars and garage doors. The devastation was almost unbearable. So many homes were lost and not livable whereas others had minor damage to the roof, siding and fences.

Can You Fix Hail Damage On A Wood Fence

This is an interesting question and it’s one we get asked often.

The most recent question is:

“Can you sand the hail marks out of the fence wood?”

The answer is no, unfortunately Mother nature wins here.  Once hail has hit the fence we call it scarring the wood meaning there may be little or big dents or gouges in the wood, small holes and obvious areas where the color of the fence will be different.

It almost looks like pock marks. If someone sands the areas where hail has hit the fence it smooths out that area. When stain is applied it will look differently and be very noticeable.

The best option is to have a fence professional come clean the fence to soften the most noticeable marks and even out the wood coloring. This will help the scarring blend in.

Then restain over the top to blend the scarring or dents in the wood.  It is not ever going away it will be minimized. Scars are always there for life just like our skin however over time they do fade and become less noticeable.

What Hail Damage Looks
Like On A Fence Panel

Hail damage to wood fence

If you want a Free Estimate on a Fence Repair or Hail damage. Call Today and schedule one of our estimators to come out and walk the fence line with you.

They will be able to show you all the areas to be concerned with and give you options on what is needed now and what can wait for a latter date.

Sometimes doing the whole fence project at one time may be a better option as fence posts, fence pickets and fence stain are on the rise.

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Great information regarding hail damage from the Insurance Information Institute.  Well worth the time to read through.

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