Hits my fence with their car
Hits my fence with their car
Hits fence with their car outside side view

What Happens If Someone Hits My Fence With Their Car?

Neighborhoods may experience this more often because in North Texas there is an alley system that when someone is backing out of there driveway the neighbors fence is right there. However, if the home is located on a busy major street, they may be more susceptible to this situation. So the question is:

“What Happens If Someone Hits My Fence With Their Car?”

If this happens with a neighbor the best option is to let them know you hit their fence as soon as possible.  Tell them about the damage and you will cover any reasonable costs to repair that damage. Don’t let them come home to a damaged fence panel.

In most cases the situation can be rectified calmly when your honest about what happened.  Accidents happen every day for many reasons such as being in a hurry, late for school, late for work or just having a stressful day.

Depending on the fence damage, a homeowners property insurance policy usually will cover the damage. Sometimes paying for the damage out of pocket may be easier for both parties involved.  Most repairs we have found at Fence Makeovers are under $1,000.

What To Do If A Vehicle Damages My Fence?

Follow the steps below if someone hits your fence with their car.

  1. Make sure you get the make model and vin number of the car that hit the fence.
  2. Make sure to get or take a picture of the Driver’s license information and person that was operating the car.
  3. Take many pictures of the fence damage as well as the damage to the car.
  4. If necessary, call the police for a report to file with the insurance company.

If the driver doesn’t have insurance then the homeowner will have two options, either pay for the damage themselves or file a claim with their own insurance company to get repaired.

Fence Makeovers Estimators are ready to help you if a car hits your fence.  If there is any damage they will give you several options for the repair. Maybe a whole section was knocked down, having an estimator to repair from a reputable company will help speed up the process for the insurance company.

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