Taking care of Pressure Treated Pine Board on Board Fences have been challenging. Sprinkler systems that are not set properly will show water marks. Boards warp easily, boards will also crack from drying out.

Setting the sprinklers properly (not watering the fence itself) will diminish the signs of water damage and may prevent the mold, mildew and black marks that appear on the fence over time.

Fence Maintenance

A good maintenance process will help keep a pine fence looking good for years. It is recommended to clean the fence every three to four years with a bleach solution to clean all the dirt, debris, green mildew and mold off the fence.

By doing this the fence doesn’t get the white and black scars on the fence.  Once the pine wood turns white there is no cleaning it, bleaching it to make it look new.

The white and black on a pine fence means there has been years of neglect on the fence pickets where the water continues to absorb into the wood. Over time the pores of the wood seal up (get clogged) then may turn white or black.  The scars in fact are permanent.

In the videos below Robert Barnes shows you what to look for on the pine fence. This particular fence has so many challenges but offers a great visual of the different problems a pine fence has without a good maintenance program.

This particular fence has a lot of mold, mildew and years of water damage. The water damage actually comes from the sprinkler system not having the sprinkler heads adjusted correctly so the water does not hit the fence.  When the water hits the fence pickets every week for years the pictures above are a result of what can happen.

Don’t be discouraged because when you see the final result nobody will know how the fence looked Before the fence repair, and the cleaning. All you will see is a Fence that looks brand new.

Watch this 4 Part Video Series

Pressure Treated Pine Board on Board Fences

Part 1 – Why is my fence Green and Black? What is this?

Pressure Treated Pine Board on Board Fences – How to Fix

When working with pine fence pickets they tend to warp, split and from sprinkler watering it turns different colors like green and black.  This is a sign of no maintenance or care has been taken. If this is the case then it may be time for a complete fence makeover.

The green is mold and black is mildew that has grown over time from the sprinkler systems watering the fence.

Pressure Treated Pine Board on Board Fences
fence cleaning

Part 2 – Power Washing vs Bleaching My fence

There are many schools of thought on which way is better power washing or bleaching. With Fence Makeovers, LLC our preferred way is to bleach the fence at a very lower pressure of 40-60 psi.  This will not damage the fence and leave it fuzzy, rough or scared.

Watch how the fence gets cleaned with bleaching. This prepares the wood for the stain that will be applied to make the fence look new!

Power wash or Bleach what is best
fence cleaning

Part 3 – Removing Any Debris, Dirt and Bleach From The Fence

It’s very important to “Rinse” the fence off after it has been cleaned. We do this to make sure everything like the solid latex stain will adhere to the fence properly. If this step is missed (just like your preparing an area to paint in your home) it can make or break the process of a fence being restored.

This also helps to remove the extra debris and grime left on the fence after bleaching. Sometimes we need to clean the fence two or three times to get all the dirt and grime removed before the stain is applied.

Cleaning the Fence with water
fence cleaning

Part 4 – See What Solid Latex Stain Can Do!

The process of completely restoring a fence and the difference it can make on a severely damaged fence with green mold, black mold, completely white areas from sprinkler damage, repairs with two different types of fence materials. This pine board fence has experienced everything the weather, wind, sun damage can do while still standing and has “Great Bones” to work with!

Solid Latex Stain Before and After Fence Makeovers
fence cleaning

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