We clean and stain fences for many reasons. Some people just need a little extra help getting their fence looking good again after a storm or other damage. Others want to add a new look to their property that will last for years. And others simply enjoy the challenge of working on a project that requires skill and patience. Before we dive into the process, we would like to answer this question too:

Why should I clean my fence before staining?

When it’s time to clean up your yard and give it a new look, the fence is one of the items more than likely needing attention. When a wood fence starts losing its beauty from sun damage, wind damage and it starts to go through the greying process it may be time for new stain to be applied to restore the fence.

To restore the fence properly it must be cleaned first. No different than preparing a home to be painted. It’s part of the prep work. Proper preparation gives the fence a new look without the cost of a new fence. Cleaning the fence will remove built up dirt, grime, green mildew, and black mold. If this process is not done first the stain will not adhere to the fence.

If any repairs are needed, we can do the repairs first, then clean or clean first then fence repair. Some fence pickets may need to be replaced, add screws to lose boards, caps and replace kick boards if necessary.

We Do Not Pressure Wash The Fence!

At Fence Makeovers our crew cleans the fence with a bleach solution and sprays it on the fence. We do not pressure wash the fence as that will leave scarring and roughness on the wood. We do not want to create more problems with the wood.  Our crew use a spray with a pressure of 40-60 psi. This will not damage the fence.

After the fence has been cleaned, sometimes the fence maybe so dirty that a second or third application is necessary. Once the cleaning has been done then we follow up with clean water from the homeowner’s hose to remove any residue that may have been left behind.  It’s remarkable the difference cleaning a fence can make.  While the fence is drying our cleaning crew leaves the residence and repeats these steps at the next appointment.

Now To Finish The Process With Stain!

Our second crew will come back either the same afternoon depending on when the fence was cleaned or the next day to finish up with the staining process.  We cannot offer exact times as we may be delayed at the previous appointment. If a situation arises during regular business hours our office does it’s best to inform the customer. Sometimes in the morning it may be a calm day with no wind, however by afternoon it could get very windy. If this happens, we do our best to communicate with our customers.

Are You Ready To Clean and Stain Your Fence?

We have been cleaning and staining fences since we started our business over 20 years ago. In the fence industry the weather plays a big part in what we can and cannot do every day. We do our best to keep all our customers informed.

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