Should I repair or replace my fence
Repair or replace my fence
Should I repair or replace my fence

Very Common Question

“Should I Repair Or Replace My Fence?”

One of the most frequently asked questions Fence Makeovers hears is, “Should I repair or replace my fence?

With time, age, weather and the occasional collision with bikes, sport balls, mowers, weed whackers, or pets, can damage the fence structure around the property. Fences Don’t last forever.

When it comes time to repair the fence damage, you may be wondering whether it would be better to just repair the fence panels that are broken or replace the entire fence.

What A Professional Fence Contractor Will Look For

We have compiled a short list of items a professional fence contractor will look for before the question of “Should I repair or replace my fence?” can be answered properly.

  1. Fence posts and rails – are they rotting away, leaning, damaged? Sometimes simply replacing the posts with metal posts is all the fence may need.
  2. Warped boards or rails – if most of the pickets, posts or rails are in good shape than just replacing the warped boards may be a better option
  3. Splintered or cracked wood on the fence – this happens from weather, moisture, or insects.
  4. Loose fence posts – this may be caused by shifting of the ground or eroding of soil around the post

When you have multiple fence problems like listed above it may be time to replace the fence with a new installation.

If most of your wood fence posts and pickets are damaged, or rotting, then it’s probably time to replace the complete fence as it may be the least expensive alternative. Sometimes piecing parts together ends up being more costly.

If your constantly sinking money into the fence for repairs by the time a new fence needs to be installed, you may have already paid for it in repairs.

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