Horizontal Fence

So, you’re thinking about replacing your wood fence and changing it to a horizontal fence. What you have now is a traditional tall privacy fence; the pickets are graying vertical boards, and the boards are warped. Do I repair the fence or install a new fence? Researching fence companies and styles online and you stumble across a horizontal fence.  You fall in love with the look! Is this the new style of fence we are looking for? Can we have a horizontal fence installed in our neighborhood? These are common questions the Fence Makeovers team gets routinely.

For sake of argument, it may be best to choose a new fence installation. In recent years a different style of fence has been emerging and that is a horizontal fence.  This means that the boards on the fence are installed horizontal whereas the traditional installation is vertical.

What is the big deal about a horizontal cedar fence?

  • Changes the curb appeal of your home
  • Falls in the modern, clean lines of contemporary design
  • Easy to install plant shelves
  • Can be built with many different options

Building a new fence with cedar wood is always the best choice for longevity. Cedar won’t crack, warp, splinter or fall apart.

Modern Home – Modern Horizontal Fence

is transforming as well. More and more people are asking for the blacks, whites, and grays that a modern look explores. Sleek clean straight lines give a modern home a distinct feel.

Fences can now be built to match the feel of a modern home. At Fence Makeovers we love the look and design of a horizontal fence. Adding a contemporary horizontal fence will transform your property from common to oh so beautiful. A fun and happy backyard space to entertain friends, family, and neighbors.

Don’t be afraid to explore the different styles available for horizontal fences as they can also be designed to be board on board, single panel, and spaces between the boards for seeing through the fence.

Want A Modern Fence Design?

If you want a modern fence design, then you are defiantly on the right track by considering a horizontal fence design. The sleek straight lines and meniscal ornamentation help them to create a modern aesthetic in your backyard.

Horizontal Fence

What Is The Cost Of A Horizontal Fence?

The last question on installing a horizontal fence is “How much does it cost?” A horizontal style fence will cost more than a traditional fence however the quality of cedar will be higher in order for the fence to last a long time and not warp!

The other item that a homeowner will need to investigate is the Homeowners Association (HOA). There may be ordinances not allowing the direction of the wood for the fence. Check with your city as well. Nothing like getting your hopes up and the city or HOA telling you no.

What Knowledge Do You Have On Horizontal Fences?

Fence Makeover estimators are knowledgeable about horizontal fences, the dos and don’ts, the design and offers recommendations for your residence.

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BBB Rating A+

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