Squirrel Damage

Squirrel damage happens to fences when the squirrels have some type of a deficiency. It could be a calcium deficiency or MBD – Metabolic Bone Disease. Squirrels that develop MBD are suffering from a poor diet.  It may appear that the squirrels are chewing on the fence more frequently.

With it getting warmer outside the squirrel activity will heightened. Some people like squirrels, some do not. They seem to look like a fun animal always running, playing, and chewing on nuts, acorns, or wood fences.

Squirrels damage can be found at your home, your attic or even the yard. The wood fence protecting your home is one of those areas that squirrels seem to chew on when they are deficient.

Customers always ask the question – How Do I get Rid Of Squirrels Chewing on My Fence?

I wish we had a great answer to that question!

Manufacturers do not make a product to stop the squirrels from chewing on your fence, otherwise you may have a lot of dead squirrels in everyone’s yards and who wants that?! Not me especially if there are dogs or cats in the yard.

Will Feeding Squirrels Prevent Squirrel Damage?

There may be some evidence if you “feed” the squirrel(s) with peanuts, sunflower seeds etc. that they may leave your fence alone because they will be getting the calcium they need.

On a side note: My black Labrador male dog loved to “play” with the squirrels running up and down along the top of the fence! Great entertainment for both my dog and the squirrel. However, if the squirrel fell off the fence …. well lets just say it was not a good day for the squirrel! Then just like a cat he would bring the squirrel to the back door as a prize!

Call Today to have one of our estimators come out to your home. Free Estimate is always given! Let’s see if it is squirrel damage or something else that may be happening to your wood fence.

Just like humans the squirrels need something in their diet to lower the deficiency. You may Not want to “feed” the squirrels however it is a lot less expensive to “feed” them then it would be to replace your fence!

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Squirrel damage on a gate

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