How Do You Know If The Water Damage is Coming from Neighbors Side of Fence?

In the North Dallas and surrounding areas most homes have some type of fence around there property. Water damage from neighbors side of fence may be hard to determine, however a good clue to figuring it out is below.  Whether it be a chain-link fence, a 6′ pine fence or 8′ tall board on board cedar fence. Fence damage happens over time. How can you tell if there is fence damage?

When a fence is stained for the first time or an older fence is being cleaned and stained to update the look. You may see a “water pattern” where the sprinklers hit the fence. This leaves marks (see pictures below) on the fence. Over time the fence will start to show signs of water damage with it turning green, black and/or white.

Water Damage from Neighbors Side of Fence    Water Damage from Neighbors Side of Fence

Watch this video that explains How you can see water damage from neighbors fence. It shows how you can tell with a green thumb test.

Fence Test Green Thumb Test

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