Needs Repairs Now or Time for a New Fence?

Who Pays For The Fence Repairs?

This question is asked of our estimators all the time.  It can be a complicated question as it depends. No one likes that answer however it is imperative to know where the fence in question is, meaning your property or the neighbor’s property.

Usually, the fence does not run the exact line of the property so the original plot plan when you purchased the home will show where the fence is.

If by chance it does land on the exact line, then both neighbors will be responsible to pay for the repairs or replacement equally.

Who pays for the fence repairs in your neighborhood

Have you meet your neighbors yet? Sometimes we have good neighbors, or they may not be the friendliest of neighbors, however when a problem arises it’s best to work things out between the two of you.

A great resource for knowing “Who owns the fence” is Texas State Law Library where they discuss fence and boundaries, where the boundary lines are and of course if you’re in a rural area the fencing for livestock. Looking into the Texas State Law Library may help clear up any questions a homeowner may have on the subject.

Who Pays For The Fence Repairs Between Neighbors In The Dallas Area?

At Fence Makeovers in the DFW area, our suggestion is to have a conversation with the neighbor or neighbors (if more than one side of the fence needs repair) of the fence that is shared and try to work out a solution for the fence repair or replacement BEFORE a fence company sends out an estimator.

The estimator will need to look at BOTH sides of the fence to fully check the problems and issues. It is imperative that BOTH homeowners be home while the estimator is onsite. This eliminates any confusion if only one homeowner is available.  It really helps the estimator understand who pays for the fence repair and what is a shared cost, what work needs to be done, and what can wait.

It’s kinda like when a service person comes to repair something in your home and then when the spouse comes home whatever the problem was and the service person explained it in detail to the spouse that was home, it never seems to get explained the same way and sometimes creates a dispute! Ever had that happen? If your married, you have!!

Don’t Create A Dispute With Your Neighbor On

“Who Pays For The Fence Repairs or Replacement!”

At Fence Makeovers our goal is not to create the dispute of who pays for the fence repair between the neighbors, it is to remedy the problem with suggestions, options, worse case, and best-case scenarios.

When it’s time to write a proposal or estimate on who pays for the fence repairs, the estimator can write two proposals for each homeowner and a separate line item for who pays for the fence repair together. Many times, while the fence company is repairing the shared fence the homeowner may want some work done on the other part of the fence that is not shared.

Who pays for the fence repairs

This is a touchy subject on who pays for the fence repairs especially when neighbors don’t get along, however being a good neighbor will make the process work out with a lot less stress!

Spring is coming and the thunderstorms, tornados, and windstorms may affect your property. Fence Makeovers offers Free Estimates with a written proposal so you know exactly what issues need to be addressed now and what you can wait on.

Fill out the Free Estimate Form and one of our friendly office personnel will return your call as quickly as possible!

fence prepairs are paid by the homeowner

Asking kindly will always be the best option. Maybe you will be able to have a meaningful lasting relationship with your neighbor! Let’s all be kind to each other!

Who can say NO to that sweet face looking through the fence hole?

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