No Subcontractors work for Fence Makeovers

Why Fence Makeovers has no subcontractorsIn the construction business hiring subcontractors to do the work needed around the home has been in practice for many years.

Why would a service-based company like Fence Makeovers hire a subcontractor? The biggest benefit is when a subcontractor is hired the cost of the job is typically lower. Just because it is lower does not mean it is better. The old saying goes “You get what you pay for!” Our fence crew has fixed many problems the subcontractor damaged or did poorly!

Subcontractors typically have their own equipment to take to the job site. Does the subcontractor use high quality equipment to perform the job quickly and efficiently? Or is the equipment in disrepair that often falls apart during the job? The later will prolong the repair and irritate the customer by not getting the job done in the time frame allotted.

Subcontractors tend to work longer hours to get the job done because if they don’t finish, they don’t get paid. Time is money! Subcontractors usually work by the job, the quicker it’s done the faster they get paid! Again, this does not mean they do a better job, it may just mean they have a family to feed, and speed is important.

Here are a few reasons Why Fence Makeovers has NO subcontractors and does not hire subcontractors.

  1. Having a subcontractor on the Fence Makeovers team will lose control over the work either by the quality of the work or timeliness. When the subcontractor does not show up to perform the fence repair, it reflects badly on the company. It’s very hard to receive rave reviews. A service-based business in 2021 needs 5-Star Reviews to keep up or beat the competition.
  2. The subcontractor may not follow the company guidelines on the fence repair, cleaning, or staining. A fence company has requirements as well as steps to follow to perform the job quickly, efficiently and at the best price. When a Fence Makeovers crew goes out to clean and stain a fence, it’s extremely important to follow the guidelines and protocol the company has set to get the job done right the first time!
  3. By NOT hiring subcontractors to repair a fence, cleaning and/or staining a fence, Fence Makeovers is able to control the quality of the work. If something is not up to the customers expectation, our showroom located in Richardson Texas will answer your phone call. The office personnel will schedule a visit by management to come out to the property to inspect the job.
  4. Where do you make a complaint if the subcontractor does not answer or return your phone call? At Fence Makeovers our showroom is open Mon- Fri from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm (Closed for lunch noon to 1:00 pm) Customers are ALWAYS welcome to stop by and let us know how we are doing.

A subcontractor usually makes their own schedule. He may or may not show up to do the work on the written contract or at the time specified.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a reputable fence company do the work that has a guarantee?

Sometimes if there has been a wind storm and the fence needs to be repaired quickly because it blew down. The Fence Makeovers team will schedule an appointment quickly. They will also give a written estimate  for the homeowner to share with the insurance company right on the spot!

Fence Makeovers is not in this business for the fast buck!

Our goal is for happy, satisfied customers on a continuous basis. We have been in business for over 15 years. Check out our 5-star reviews online.

Our fence estimator team always offers free estimates in writing. Call our showroom to schedule your appointment today! The other option is to submit this request for an appointment form when it’s after regular business hours.

Serving the Plano, McKinney, Frisco and Allen areas of the metroplex.

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