Spring Cleaning Your Wood Fence

5 tips for spring cleaning your wood fence

What is the meaning behind “Spring Cleaning?”

The definition: Springcleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning a place, especially your home.

We all try to get our inside of the house cleaned, however Have you thought about the outside of your home?

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Wood Fence

  1. Make a plan for the cleaning of the outside of your home and yard. Make a check list of things to clean, i.e. windows, patio, pool, garden, and don’t forget the fence.
  2.  What’s along the Fence Line? Clear out brush, weeds, toys and grass. This will help when it’s time to clean and stain the fence.
  3. Is there a gate into the yard? Check to make sure the latches are working properly. Sometimes they just need a tightening of the screws.
  4. Clean the fence. DO NOT POWER WASH the fence. Most DIY’ers will power wash the fence and when this happens the pressure has been to high. It will leave scarring of the wood, divots, as well as a fuzzy feeling on the wood.
  5. Restain or repaint the fence. Check with a professional to understand if the fence has been painted or stained. This will make a huge difference when time to spruce it up.

Using these 5 tips for spring cleaning your wood fences will help maintain the longevity of the fence materials. Fences are one of the largest investments and like an expensive car the fence needs regular maintenance, cleaning and staining as well. Check out these tips for maintaining your fence.

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