Fence Maintenance

Fence maintenance is important to keeping the fence looking good. Handling issues early can often times make the difference between having a minor repair now instead of a major fence replacement latter.  An bi-annual checkup is crucial for good maintenance.

New Years and Wood Fences

Like New Year’s Day, wood fences are also associated with renewal and reflection. Fence repair and cleaning can help restore an old fence to its former glory, while staining can give it a fresh, new look. In addition, wood fences can provide security for your home or business as well as adding beauty and [...]

New Years and Wood Fences2023-01-23T13:34:20-06:00

Restoring A Cedar Fence

You may have heard about the benefits of restoring a cedar fence?... But do you know how to restore one? Cedar fences are known for their beauty and durability. Cedar fences can last for decades, but over time they will need some restoration work. The most common problem with cedar fences is [...]

Restoring A Cedar Fence2022-11-07T15:04:26-06:00

What’s Eating My Wood Fence?

Termites, Carpenter Ants or Water: What's Eating My Wood Fence? Although not so common in North Dallas. Wood fence posts take some real wear and tear and if not maintained properly your fence will eventually fall down. When that happens it is a costly repair and no homeowner would like to incur [...]

What’s Eating My Wood Fence?2022-08-29T16:03:45-05:00

Does Your Fence Need Sunscreen?

Is There Sunscreen For The Fence? Sun damage causes the fence to premature before it's time. That's why we are asking the question, "Does Your Fence Need Sunscreen?" In the summer months the sun tends to be hotter, and the atmosphere is dryer which in turn may intensify sun damage on the fence. [...]

Does Your Fence Need Sunscreen?2022-11-07T14:15:18-06:00

3 Ways To Keep Your Fence Looking New

There Are Many Ways To Keep Your Fence Looking New Learn About 3 Of Them Below There are many things that can damage fences, wind storms, hail, rotting posts, sun damage, overgrown trees and bushes, neighbors backing into them, lawn mowers and string trimmers (weed eaters), so it’s important to take care [...]

3 Ways To Keep Your Fence Looking New2022-12-06T11:12:18-06:00

How Much Wind Can A Wood Fence Withstand Today?

How Much Wind Can A Wood Fence Withstand Today In The DFW Area? This is a very interesting question. The answer is not as simple as it may seem. There are many factors that can affect the amount of wind that a wood fence can withstand. For example, the type of wood, the [...]

How Much Wind Can A Wood Fence Withstand Today?2022-05-16T14:35:37-05:00

Fix Your Fence Today! Don’t Delay

Spring time has arrived! Now that the weather is warmer wouldn't you like to sit outside and enjoy the scenery? As most of us would say Yes especially before it gets to hot! Is your backyard ready? Sitting on your patio enjoying that nice cup of coffee or cocktail [...]

Fix Your Fence Today! Don’t Delay2022-03-29T14:11:16-05:00

Who Pays For The Fence Repairs

Needs Repairs Now or Time for a New Fence? Who Pays For The Fence Repairs? This question is asked of our estimators all the time.  It can be a complicated question as it depends. No one likes that answer however it is imperative to know where the fence in question is, meaning your [...]

Who Pays For The Fence Repairs2022-12-06T11:14:00-06:00

How Cold Weather Affects Wood Fences

Learn How Cold Weather Affects Wood Fences Who ever thought that cold weather could affect wood fences? Well, it does and actually the winter time in North Texas is the perfect time to either do some maintenance or have a professional fence company look at the homeowners [...]

How Cold Weather Affects Wood Fences2022-02-21T10:16:08-06:00

Will Stain Cover The Knots in The Fence

Can you stain a wood fence with knots? The answer is yes, however the question is "Will Stain Cover The Knots In The Fence?" Let's explore this question while knots in the wood will not stain properly unless you use a solid latex stain. Let me explain. The knots in wood are very dense [...]

Will Stain Cover The Knots in The Fence2022-04-05T13:56:14-05:00
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