Leaning fence Before and after

Fence Makeovers Process to Fix A Leaning Fence

A leaning fence can be a very dangerous thing. Not only does it look bad, but it can also be a hazard to children and animals that may get too close.

A leaning fence is a problem that many homeowners have to deal with. There are various reasons for the leaning fence, but it can usually be fixed by following a few simple steps.

We’ll be sharing the process that Fence Makeovers uses when we repair a leaning fence with pictures and videos.

  • Step 1 – Schedule an appointment for an estimator from a reputable fence company to give a written estimate.

  • Step 2 – Call and schedule the appointment to repair the leaning fence.

  • Step 3 – The process begins by digging holes next to the fence posts. The fence posts in our example are metal. Usually wood fence posts would need to be replaced because of rot or deterioration with a leaning fence. While digging the holes the crew is pushing the metal post back and forth until the post is easily moveable.

    They want enough dirt out of the hole to be able to push the metal post straight up but not to much dirt removed to have the fence fall over.

leaning fence at the beginning
dig holes on the leaning fence posts
fence posts holes

After the holes have been dug out with a post hole digger, the next step is to remove part of the concrete on the metal posts. At Fence Makeovers we do not remove “All” the concrete as it’s important to keep part of it in place.

This is where strength comes into play as this crew uses a “spear” or metal rod with a slanted end to break off the concrete. It’s like throwing a dart at the board except much heavier with force to break the concrete. Usually several jabs before the concrete breaks off.  Remove the broken concrete from the hole.

  • Step 4 – Break the concrete off the metal post.

    Remove any concrete debris from the hole before proceeding.

Breaking concrete off post 1
Breaking concrete off post 2
  • Step 5 – All the prep work has been finished it’s time to get the fence standing tall and in it’s upright position.  As one technician walks  to each post and uses a level to make sure the fence and fence posts are level and straight up, another technician is on the outside of the fence adding 2 x 4 wood braces to hold the fence in place. This holds the fence in place for the next step which is adding new concrete to all the holes that were dug on the inside of the fence.

    *Note we do have one hole on the outside of the fence because the wood deck was built up to the fence post so our crew had to dig the hole on the outside of the fence.

Magnetic level on fence post
Adjusting leaning fence to plumb up straight
Leaning fence standing tall 2
Leaning fence standing tall
  • Step 6 – Now that the fence line has been plumbed and standing tall it’s time to mix the concrete and fill the holes next to the metal posts. Fence Makeovers uses the Sakrete Maximizer concrete mix for a couple reasons. Sakrete Maximizer Concrete is a specially formulated high yield, high strength mixture of structural lightweight aggregate and cement. This will secure the posts and make sure they stay where they are supposed to. After the holes are filled, at Fence Makeovers the crew adds some of the dirt they dug out of the holes to the top of the concrete.

    The reason we do that is to have the grass grow on top of the concrete to keep it sealed from the weather and being exposed.  Contrary to popular belief concrete should be covered. If it is left exposed what could happen is the dirt starts to erode or separate from the concrete and now the homeowner has a leaning fence again!

Mixing concrete 1
Mixing concrete 3
Mixing concrete 2
Pouring concrete in hole

Grass is like a net that holds everything together even the concrete to the dirt.

  • Step 7 – All the holes have been filled with concrete, the dirt has been replaced over the top of the concrete, and all the 2 x 4 braces are in place. Now we haul off the extra dirt and broken concrete. The job is finished!

    The 2 x 4 support braces are left there for 24 hours and can be removed the following day. The homeowner is welcome to remove them at this time. We do swing back by the job to remove them if the homeowner has not done that.

    The next step would be to clean and stain the fence if the homeowner is ready to do that.  This can be done at another time however, late fall and winter is the best time to clean and stain the fence because all the grass and vegetation is laying dormant. Less to work around and get a nice restored fence. That’s why our slogan is:

Fence Makeovers Slogan

How Much Does A Leaning Fence
Cost To Repair?

The cost of fixing a leaning fence will vary based on where you live and what type of materials are used for the repair.

Your leaning fence repair cost could be minimal and certainly a lot less than a complete replacement, however it is best to have a reputable fence company like Fence Makeovers come give a written estimate to know whether a repair or replacement will be best for your situation.

We offer Free Estimates and give a written quote that is good for 30-days. Call today 972-769-2555 to schedule your appointment.

We service the Richardson, Plano, McKinney, Allen and Frisco and surrounding areas.

Why Is My Fence Leaning?

The first thing to identify is why the fence is leaning. The most common cause of a leaning fence is not enough support from the ground. This can be due to high winds, heavy rains in Dallas area, drought conditions or just old age.

It’s not just a matter of aesthetics or looking bad. It’s a matter a of safety for your family, pets and neighbors.

Other reasons for a leaning fence is typically that one or more posts are not properly anchored or are too close to the ground. The posts may be loose in their holes or they may have sunk into the ground over time.

If you don’t fix it, the fence will continue to lean and eventually fall down. Schedule two or three professional fence companies to assess the situation. Then choose the best fence company to perform the work.

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