Cold Weather on Wood Fences

Unveiling the Effects of Cold Weather on Wood Fences:
Solutions for North Texas Residents

Understanding the effects of cold weather on wood fences is vital. In North Texas, winter is an ideal time for homeowners to perform fence maintenance or seek expert assistance. At Fence Makeovers, we want to share important information to assist you.

Learn how to detect and handle potential concerns with your fence during the cold season. We’ll look at the essential areas to keep an eye out for and provide valuable information to help you protect your fence during the winter.

Moisture Damage and Its Consequences in Cold Weather on Wood Fences

Moisture damage to wood fences is a regular worry, particularly during cold weather. Keep a watch out for water accumulating around your fence posts, as extended saturation can cause decaying wood in cold temperatures.

In cold weather, wood struggles to dry, increasing the risk of damage. Learn how to detect subsurface moisture problems early on, avoiding costly repairs later in the cold months.

For example, during the summer, when the sun shines, our bodies quickly heat up and we begin to sweat. The chilly temperature makes it more difficult for our bodies to heat up during the winter. It tends to dry everything out faster in the summer months. This similar analogy applies to wood fences. In the summer, we can clean and stain a fence in one day.

In the winter we must wait at least 24 – 48 hours after we have cleaned the fence with our special solution to allow ample time for the fence to dry out before we apply the stain. If a fence company applies the stain to early the color will not adhere to the wood fence, hence an unhappy homeowner.

Wood Fence Cracks Caused by Temperature Fluctuations

Cold Weather cracks in Fences and Dirt

Wood is naturally responsive to weather fluctuations, expanding and contracting according to moisture levels. Neglecting upkeep can cause cracks to form during dry winter spells, eventually leading to fence picket difficulties.

When you walk your fence line, Are you seeing any wood posts or pickets starting to split? It may be time to replace them before the problem grows. Learning to recognize the warning signs of potential cracks early and contacting a professional fence company before it becomes too expensive to fix due to cold weather.

The Effect of North Texas Clay Soil in Cold Weather on Wood Fences

North Texas has clay soil with high shrink-swell qualities, which affects wood fences in cold weather. Soil, like wood, expands and contracts. Maintaining the proper moisture balance is critical for keeping fence posts erect and the fence standing in cold weather. Understand the relationship between cold weather, soil contraction, and probable movements in wood posts.

When you walk your fence line and notice the fence posts begin to lean, it is best to have a professional fence company come out and assess how far they are leaning. They will be able to provide you with an estimate to correct the problem before it becomes unsafe.

Loosening Fence Posts: Risks and Solutions

Loosening fence posts pose a severe risk, potentially causing safety problems and costly repairs during the cold season. Investigate any undetectable gaps between posts and soil that may form throughout the winter. Rain can get into these crevices, causing the soil to loosen and begin the leaning process. Early detection is crucial for preventing fence sections from collapsing during extreme cold weather and high wind gusts.

If you notice dirt contracting from the post location, it is highly recommended that you add soil to cover the gaps. The concrete used to hold the post in place should not be exposed. Covering this will keep the post solid and not lean.

No one likes to get out in this cold weather, however, to ensure your wood fence survives the cold weather in North Texas, it’s important to take preventative measures now. Understanding the effects of cold weather on wood fences can play allows the homeowners to be proactive in correcting any issues, ensuring that your fence lasts longer.

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Call a professional fence company, such as Fence Makeovers, with over 20+ years of experience, to analyze and address any cold weather concerns, protecting your investment and your safety. Stay ahead of the cold weather and enjoy a strong and durable wood fence throughout the winter season. We offer Free Estimates at your convenience Monday-Friday 9:00 – 5:00 pm.

Fence Makeovers’ estimators will come to your home and walk the fence line with you. They will be able to identify and handle concerns that a homeowner may be unaware of. The homeowner will receive a 30-day written estimate to assist them in the decision process for what has to be repaired now and what can wait until spring or summer.

Fence Makeovers has maintained an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 2004. We have had no complaints since homeowners are extremely important to us. Homeowners are why we are in business! We will always answer the phone, and if any issues emerge, our estimators will return to the home to inspect the situation and ensure the customer’s complete satisfaction.

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