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Water Your Fence Line In North Dallas

The Heat Challenge in North Dallas It's now summer, and it's getting hotter in North Texas. There is a lot of heat in North Dallas in the summer; temps often reach 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit on a daily basis. Extreme heat can dry out the ground and cause cracks, which is especially [...]

Water Your Fence Line In North Dallas2024-06-25T14:45:55-05:00

Cold Weather On Wood Fences

Unveiling the Effects of Cold Weather on Wood Fences: Solutions for North Texas Residents Understanding the effects of cold weather on wood fences is vital. In North Texas, winter is an ideal time for homeowners to perform fence maintenance or seek expert assistance. At Fence Makeovers, we want to share important information to [...]

Cold Weather On Wood Fences2024-01-16T15:19:04-06:00
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