Fence Problem - What's Wrong with This Fence_

Having a Fence Problem – What is wrong with this fence?  is a great question and rare that you find such a big mistake. Most of the time when building a new fence on a new home the builders really don’t pay attention to the quality of the product being installed.  They want it to be cheap, fast and reliable for the one year warranty period of a new home. This mistake is normally  hidden from the potential new homeowner.

How can that be? If your a homeowner, over time you will have some type of fence problem. The weather plays a big part in the problems that may arise. In the beginning with proper care and maintenance the fence receives it last a long time. On the other hand, routine maintenance is extremely important for this to happen. Read about our 15 Maintenance Tips to care for the fence here.

Fence Problem - Whats wrong with this fenceRobert Barnes finds and shares a great example of a “Fun Fact” where the fence installation occurred. Most homeowners will never see this “mistake” where the fence pickets have been installed upside down. The reason they don’t ever know is because the top of the fence has a cap or trim placed over it so it will be hidden from view. The only way to know if a fence has been installed upside down is looking at the bottom of the fence line.  Their you may see “Dog Eared” boards which means the boards are cut on an angle to look like “dog ears”.  Their was one dog eared fence picket installed correctly. This tells a professional fence company that their has been a repair done and the person who repaired it did not “notice” the rest of the fence was installed upside down.

Can you see where the dog eared fence picket is on this fence problem?

Take a look at your fence. Is the bottom of the fence cut straight or does it have dog eared pickets at the bottom.

Does this create a problem for the fence. No it does not. No need to replace it, it is just a “Fun Fact” on why some in the Fence Industry will install the fence upside down.

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