Recycled fence ideas - Happy HalloweenHow to Recycle Old Fence Ideas for Halloween

In this post we are going to share a few links to projects we found for Halloween on the internet. There are so many projects to use recycled old fence and posts with.  Pinterest is one of our favorites to see the creativity that people come up with to use recycled fences.  Fence posts can be used for so many holiday projects. What Halloween projects are you thinking about?

One week left before one of the most favorite holidays of the year.  My opinion, it is time to be whoever you want to be and Nobody makes fun of you. You can be something completely out of character.  In life, society, our peers, parents or friends make a lot of judgements of who we are as a person.  Halloween is a great holiday to be someone your not.  Time to have a little fun with costumes, makeup, masks and decorations.

Bat border for Fence Makeovers

2020 is the year of the pandemic where masks have to be worn everywhere. What kind of mask will you wear for Halloween? Scary, fun or outlandish?  Can’t wait to see the fun and silly masks people come up with this year.

We found a couple websites were you might get some ideas in creating your own corona virus Halloween mask.  Recycle fence ideas for halloween

  1. 14 different Halloween masks.
  2. CNN Underscored has some great masks also. Check it out
  3. Here are 2 easy and fun masks to make for Halloween. Check it out … one of my favorites!

Next month we will share some Christmas Decorations with recycled fences and posts.

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