Can you stain a wood fence with knots?

The answer is yes, however the question is “Will Stain Cover The Knots In The Fence?” Let’s explore this question while knots in the wood will not stain properly unless you use a solid latex stain. Let me explain.

Stain cover knots in the fence

The knots in wood are very dense and they contain a resin that actually repels stains. The knots come from dead tree branches that fall off before the tree is milled. Once the tree is milled or planed this is where you can see all the knots in the wood.  The knots look like dark round spots (picture on left is a great example).

They look like scars and the oil fence stain can not penetrate those areas. The wood directly surrounding the knots are very absorbent. What happens is it looks like spotty wood (pictures on the right). When a wood fence gets an oil stain applied, the knots are too dense to accept the stain and everything around the knots will absorb the fence stain, hence spotty wood.

Why it happens, more than likely is the lower quality of wood. Yes, there are different qualities of wood which will be another post at a later date.

How Will Stain Cover The Knots In The Fence?

Stains are there to make your fence look fresh and inviting however over time the weather, the sun and elements tend to fade the original stain.
When re-staining the fence, it’s important to know what type of stain was used. Is it a transparent oil stain that soaks into the wood to give it color or is it like paint? In other words, a solid latex stain which covers every imperfection.

Understanding the difference helps when having a professional fence company come to your property for an estimate.
With so many options with stains and solid latex stains for fences, Call a professional fence company in your area to help understand how the stain will appear as well as adhere on your fence.

With our Fence Makeovers Showroom in Richardson, TX, feel free to stop by. We will show you the differences between a transparent oil stain and a solid latex stain for the fence. Serving the Richardson, Plano, Frisco, and surrounding areas.

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will stain cover the knots in the fence
stains cover the knots in the fence
will stain cover the knots in the fence