Is your Neighbors Tree Pushing Through The Fence?

Tree Pushing Thorough Fence

Looking at the picture on this page, seeing the tree pushing through the fence can cause big problems if not addressed. If there had been any type of fence maintenance this would not have happened however, as you can see this tree has been growing through the fence for a while.

For this to happen:

  1. Homeowners on either side of the fence were not be paying attention to the problem. They let the tree grow and as a result it is causing the fence pickets to separate.
  2. This s a rental property and the tenants never addressed the problem to the landlord. Especially when a landlord has long term tenants.
  3. If it is a rental property the landlord may not care to take care of it. Unfortunately, some landlords have so many properties to manage they either forget or neglect the property.

Fence companies in the Dallas area experience this on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is a common problem and how to rectify the situation may be a challenge.

The biggest question about a tree growing through the fence is

“Who pays for the removal of the tree or tree branches?”

This may be a sticky situation if the neighbors are not on friendly terms. It is kinda like a marriage sometimes they agree, sometimes they don’t! Finding the right solution for each party involved is critical.

The expense related to this tree pushing through the fence could be large or small. One of the best options is having a local professional fence company come out to give a quote. Having an estimator out will offer a few options for each party involved. The neighbors have options to discuss on which works best for there situation and budget.

Best case scenario depending on the damage already done to the fence could be a small repair under $500 that the neighbors could split 50/50. On the other hand, if a tree needed to be cut down, the cost could be in the thousands. Another option might be a branch just needs to be removed. Having a professional remove the branch no future damage or rot should happen to the tree.  Many homeowners would rather cut the tree or tree branches down themselves but that could pose a risk to both parties involved.

Common Fence Repairs for Neighbors

Most fences in neighborhoods are a “common fence” meaning both neighbors are responsible to maintain and repair together.   The neighbor may not even realize the tree is growing or pushing thorough the fence.

How to answer the question “Who pays” would be to have an open and honest discussion with your neighbor(s).  Just like having a conversation with your spouse.

The best resolution is sharing the cost of removing the tree or tree branches as well as repairing the damage done to the fence. The fence pickets may need to be replaced once the branches are removed. Once the tree or branches are removed the new fence pickets would be replaced. To complete the repair the fence pickets would need a new coat of stain or paint.

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