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Check these 6 items before the windstorm

In North Texas we can have some crazy fast winds that could possibly wreak havoc to your wood fences. Wind is not a wood fences friend. Below there are 6 items you as a homeowner can do to help protect your fence.

Your fence is one of the largest expenses in owning a home so being mindful when the wind picks up could save you thousands of dollars later.

  1. Do some spring cleaning and clear the areas where weeds are around the fence.
  2. Be aware of your yard furniture – it is extremely easy for high winds to launch furniture.
  3. Check your fence posts – are they leaning or straight up? If leaning could be a good indication, it is time to replace them.
  4. Watch for rot. Wood fences if not treated properly may start to rot and a rotting fence could topple over very easily.
  5. Walk your fence line and make sure there is no damage. Call a professional to get an evaluation. Do a fence checkup. Repairs are a lot less costly.
  6. Gates – make sure your latches are working properly. We have seen some terrible damage from gates on the fence.

Maybe you have thought of these items however the most overlooked is the yard furniture. The yard furniture may do the most damage to a fence and it might not be your fence.

Our estimators are here to offer help and explain how to maintain your fence so it will make it thru a windstorm.

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When we install our wood fences and gates – we use our years of experience to prevent damage before it occurs. Unfortunately, we can’t always predict what might happen to your fencing when a windstorm hits – the above tips should be considered as a checklist to walk through when a windstorm advisory occurs. Ideally, you would follow the above tips as a soon as possible so you have time to respond to potential damages and repair them where necessary.