Fence Maintenance

Fence maintenance is important to keeping the fence looking good. Handling issues early can often times make the difference between having a minor repair now instead of a major fence replacement latter.  An bi-annual checkup is crucial for good maintenance.

End of the Summer Home Checklist

11 End of Summer Home Checklists Vacations have been completed, kids are back in school, and we're heading towards the cooler weather that Fall brings. Did you make your End of Summer Home Checklist yet? Now marks the perfect time to focus a little more on home life and preparing your home for a [...]

End of the Summer Home Checklist2021-07-27T10:48:43-05:00

Prepare for Spring with Our Fence Maintenance Checklist

We all know that spring weather in Texas can be quite elusive. It may not make sense when it's still cold out to think about a fence maintenance checklist and repairs. HOWEVER it's actually the perfect time!  Most plants and shrubs are dormant this time of year. This makes it easier to get to your [...]

Prepare for Spring with Our Fence Maintenance Checklist2022-05-10T14:04:51-05:00

Fence Maintenance Tips

15 Fence Maintenance Tips Survey the building site and notice any concrete, rocks, tree roots, or other obstructions that get in the way of your fence's planned path. The support posts for most wood fences need to be placed eight feet apart. Make sure you can dig a two-foot-deep hole for each post without [...]

Fence Maintenance Tips2021-09-13T12:26:39-05:00
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